Tamper Evident Caps

With Male Luer Lock


Through over 50 years of serving pharmacists and compounding professionals in the healthcare field, IMI understands the variety of specialty products that pharmacy operations demand. That is why they have created the Prep-Lock™ Tamper Evident Cap with Male Luer Lock.

Drugs are prepared in a variety of devices and when those devices feature a female luer lock connector, Prep-Lock Tamper Evident Caps with Male Luer Lock guard against tampering and misuse, helping ensure the integrity of your compounded sterile preparations. Unintended access to medication is immediately evident when the outer sleeve is broken or missing. Once the cap is removed it cannot be reinstalled, so you can be confident that the contents in your drug delivery container are uncompromised. 

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Male Luer Lock cap on CADD Cassette

Enhance Security

Easy-install, Prep-Lock Tamper Evident Cap guards CADD Medication Cassettes prior to administration.

Industry Leading

Through 50 years of service, Prep-Lock Caps have become Industry standard for guarding drug delivery devices

Simplicity & Convenience

Pharmacists appreciate the easy installation and thoughtful features to increase efficiency & productivity. 


 The Prep-Lock Tamper Evident Cap with Male Luer Lock provides secure tamper-evident closure to devices that feature an ISO Compatible female Luer Connector such as CADD Medication Cassettes. They are an easy, efficient, secure closure that enhances syringe content security. Medication Cassettes secured with Tamper Evident Caps make a clear statement about a facility’s commitment to patient and clinician safety. They are a simple and effective addition to an overall drug security program.


IMI delivers high-quality, American made devices for the pharmacy. By building long-standing relationships with pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals, we continue to advance our devices to best serve the healthcare industry.

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