IMI Statement Regarding Supply and Safety of Products In Light of Coronavirus Outbreak

IMI shares the global community’s concern over the recent Coronavirus outbreak originating in China. We applaud and support the World Health Organization’s vital role in minimizing its impact. We’d like to share some important information with our customers regarding IMI products as they relate to supply and safety:

  • All IMI products are assembled, packaged and sterilized in the United States of America. IMI does not manufacture finished medical devices outside of the USA.
  • IMI Products marked sterile are terminally sterilized in a fully validated overkill process meeting the standards of ISO 11135:2014 to achieve a sterility assurance level of 10-6.
  • IMI does not anticipate any supply chain interruptions as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.

IMI understands the importance of our products used in both hospital pharmacy and outsource compounding operations. We believe the quality and compliance of these products are just as important as their function. You can count on IMI to be a partner when it comes to satisfying your sterile compounding product needs.