Tamper Evident Cap with Male Luer Lock

New Product Announcement

Tamper Evident Cap with Male Luer Lock 

IMI has recently released two new products into their Prep-Lock™ Family of Products. IMI’s Prep-Lock product line offers a variety of ways to enhance the security of your compound sterile preparation from the moment it leaves the sterile hood until administered by an authorized clinician. The innovative devices offered within the Prep-Lock product line are an important component of any health care system’s drug security program.

One of the latest products to join the line up is the Tamper Evident Cap with Male Lure Lock. Through over 50 years of serving pharmacists and compounding professionals in the healthcare field, IMI understands the variety of specialty products that pharmacy operations demand. That is why they have created the Tamper Evident Cap with Male Luer Lock. Drugs are prepared in a variety of devices and when those devices feature a female luer lock connector, IMI’s new Tamper Evident Cap with Male Luer Lock guards against tampering and misuse. Tamper Evident Caps help ensure the integrity of your compounded sterile preparations.


  • Helps to maintain security and increases the confidence level for health care practitioners
  • Makes tampering immediately evident when the colored outer sleeve is broken or missing
  • The Tamper Evident Cap cannot be reinstalled after removal
  • Sterile.