Guarded Luer Connectors

Guarded Luer Connectors


Prep-Fill™ Guarded Luer Connectors provide pharmacy compounding operations with simple, high-quality luer lock connectors to enhance pharmacy productivity and efficiency. Available in 4 unique configurations for luer lock and lure slip drug delivery containers, such as syringes, IV sets, and syringe filling fixtures of repeater pumps. While the concept of the luer connector is far from a new, IMI continues to respond to the voice of the customer to advance our product for the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries. IMI’s Guarded Luer Connectors feature select enhancements that make these luer lock connectors the premier choice for pharmacy operations.


Reduce Contamination

Expanded wing size means larger finger grips for secure manipulation, helping to reduce touch contamination.

Enhanced First Air

Patented notched wing design enhances first air over the connection port.

Sterile & Non-Pyrogenic

Packaged individually in sterile blisters to facilitate aseptic technique.

Exclusive Enhancements

Large finger grips provide secure manipulation and help prevent touch contamination. Individual packaging facilitates aseptic technique. IMI’s patented notched wing design enhances first air over the connection port while under the sterile hood. Additionally, each luer connector incorporates a built-in drip tray design to capture stray fluid droplets during the repeater pump procedures.


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    At IMI creating products for the compounding pharmacist is our sole focus. As a result, our customers experience the quaility, service, and value that only a specialized partner can offer. That is why we have been successfully serving the Healthcare industry for over 50 years with trusted products manufactured in the USA under the strictest quality standards at our FDA registered, ISO 13485-certified facility. Free Product samples are always available for evaluation contact us today to chat with your dedicated industry represnetatitve.

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    Guarded Luer Connector

    Female Luer Lock –

    Female Luer Lock


    Luer Lock Connector

    Female Luer Lock –

    Male Luer Lock

    Luer Lock Connector

    Female Luer Lock –

    Female Luer Slip

    Luer Slip Connector

    Female Luer Slip –

    Female Luer Slip

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