Filtered Venting Needle

Chemo-Vent™ Filtered Venting Needle

Filtered Venting Needles

Rx-Vent™ Filtered Venting Needles are used by Pharmacists and other lab specialists to vent evacuated containers and to maintain the necessary sterility. IMI has designed devices for the compounding pharmacy for over 50 years. We work closely with pharmacists and compounding professionals to continuously advance our devices to serve the healthcare industry. When you partner with IMI, you not only receive superior products from the industry leader in sterile, pharmacy compounding devices, you also receive a dedicated team of support professionals available to you when you need them.

Increase Pharmacy Safety & Efficiency

 It is our mission to build long-lasting relationships with pharmaceutical and compounding professionals to continuously advance our devices to serve the healthcare industry. The Rx-Vent™ line of needles provides a simple solution to maintaining sterility while venting evacuated containers to enhance safety and efficiency for pharmacist during compounding procedures.

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Venting Needle
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IMI remains at the forefront of developing new products specifically designed for the compounding industry. Our strategic partnerships with some of the biggest names in health care enable us to continusoulsy deliver the kind of high quality and high-value products that pharmacy operations demand. All IMI products are manufactured in the United States under the strictest quality standards at our FDA-registered, ISO 13485–certified facility. Browse our Comprehensive product families below, and as always our premium products are back with premium service. If you have any questions, contact us, we’re here to help!