Tamper Evident Caps

For Oral Syringes


For over 50 years, IMI has delivered high-quality, American made devices for the pharmacy. By building long-standing relationships with pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals, we continue to advance our devices to best serve the healthcare industry. Prep-Lock™ Tamper Evident Caps for Oral Syringes are a prime example of our customer lead ethos. Using IMI’s patented breakaway sleeve technology, each cap is designed to the unique specifications for Baxter Exata-Med and BD UniVia™ Oral Syringes.


Oral Tamper Evident Caps

Deterrent to Diversion

Serves as an active deterrent to potential drug diversion and misuse

Industry Leading

Through 50 years of service, IMI has become the standard for guarding Compounded Sterile Preparations.


Tamper evident protocols may help your pharmacy comply with DEA and USP guidelines.

Feature Enhancements

Tamper Evident Caps for Oral Syringes now Featuring Retained Indicator Ring


  • Retained Ring feature for improved control of disposable components.
  • Retained Ring feature available for Baxter Exata-Med, BD Univia, and Comar Oral Syringes.
  • Tampering is immediately evident when the colored outer sleeve is broken or missing.
  • Increased level of confidence for healthcare practitioners.
  • Tamper-evident protocols may help your pharmacy copy with DEA & USP guidelines.

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    Oral syringe administration is often required to meet the medication needs of neonatal patients, children, and adults who are unable to swallow solid dosages. Prep-Lock Tamper Evident Caps are the industry standard for safeguarding compounded preparation from the time they leave the pharmacy until an authorized clinician administers them.

    Drug diversion concerns are driving the need to secure and protect syringe contents. Tamper Evident Caps provide an active deterrent to diversion and misuse. Securing syringes with Tamper Evident Caps helps to ensure that medications arrive to patients uncompromised and makes a clear statement about how seriously your operation takes drug security.

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