Tamper Evident Caps

For IV Syringes

Advanced Technology. Easy Application.

Solutions to Enhance Drug Safety

Compounded sterile preparations (CSPs) are at their greatest risk when they leave the custody of your pharmacy. The Prep-Lock Tamper Evident Cap greatly reduces the risk of your CSP being compromised either accidentally or intentionally. It ensures that product integrity is maintained from the time it leaves the sterile hood until it is administered by an authorized clinician.

Tamper Eviden Cap for IV Syringes

Deterrent to Diversion

Serves as an active deterrent to potential drug diversion and misuse

Ensure  Integrity

Clearly indicates evidence of access, whether malicious or unintentional.

Standardize Security

Elevate your standard of care with one product to guard all your IV Syringes.

Maintain Sterility

 Evidence of access indicates the potential compromise of content sterility.

Simple & Reliable

Over 50 years of experiene serving Compounding Pharmacist and Healthcare Professionals.

Made in the USA

American made products back with a customer & patient-focused ethos result in the highest level of quality and service.

USP <797> Standard Security

The purpose of USP Chapter <797> is to ensure the safety and protection of patients and healthcare workers involved in sterile compounding preparations by providing a set of enforceable standards that describe the conditions and practices to reduce the potential of microbial contamination. The chapter presents minimum practices and quality standards for Compounded Sterile Preparations CSPs based on the most recent scientific information and best sterile compounding practices. “The use of tamper-evident closures and seals on CSP ports can add an additional measure of security to ensure product integrity regardless of the transport method used.”


Every Syringe. Every Time.

IMI’s Prep-Lock™ Tamper Evident Caps are an industry standard for securing IV Syringes. If you partner with an outsourced compounder you may already be familiar with Prep-Lock™. Over 85% of the top 503B Compounding Organization trust IMI Tamper Evident Caps to secure their preparations. Incorporating these caps into your in-house procedures provides beneficial standardization of all Syringes throughout your Health System. As a result, your clinicians will not need training for administering syringes with multiple capping methods. Using Prep-lock to securely close your drug delivery containers creates an exceptional standard of care for your drugs, your HCPs, and ultimately your patients.


Each sterile tray of 10 caps offers the pharmacist the ability to quickly install the cap with a simple twist of the syringe. This helps to reduce the risk of touch contamination and enhances aseptic technique. Administering a syringe is very easy for the authorized clinician. Simply pull-off the outer sleeve of the tamper-evident cap, unscrew the remaining Luer-lock cap, and discard.
A choice of three different colored caps and two outer sleeve styles allows the pharmacy the ability to color-code either specific drug classes or processes.

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